Annual Fee for Student Centre App

Use the App for all your outreach teams.

With the App, you can post, recruit, and lead outreaches to save up to 80 hours of administrative tasks. We use the International Fee Scale. Administrative Fees are based on your country of origin. Find your country of origin under World A, B, or C.


After you register as a Host Partner and we give you access to the Student Centre App, we help you set up your outreach with all the details. When you are ready to launch your Outreach on the APP and begin recruiting participants, that is when you need to pay this Annual APP fee.

Plan ahead so you have plenty of time for recruiting participants. We suggest a minimum of two months before your outreach begins. But it's better to have about three months for recruiting before application deadline and another two months after deadline for team preparations before the outreach begins.

See the International Fee Scale below. Choose the destination Country where your outreach will be hosted. Build the fee into your participation fees. It's remarkably inexpensive and well worth it!

If you have not registered yet, please do so below. When you do register, we will enroll you in the appropriate online course to help you lead successfully.

YWAM Campus Ministry Staff

We have exclusive discounts for registered YWAM Campus Ministries. When you register, tell us when and where you did your DTS and where you are working with YWAM Campus Ministries today.

Additional Fees

Fees listed above are for one (1) outreach with 20 participants or less. We must add $10/month for each batch of up to 20 additional participants for each outreach.