YWAM Student Centre App

A helpful tool for outreach leaders.

Manage everything and save 80+ hours of administrative tasks so you can focus on your team and Jesus.

What the YWAM Student Centre App Does

Your ministry outreaches can all be managed with the YWAM Student Centre App.

We’ll help you get started.

Everything is in one place, mobile ready.

For School Leaders
For School Leaders

This APP bridges the gap between lecture phase and outreach phase, keeping everyone on the same page.

For Participants
For Participants

Tell your story on your personal profile page and invite your friends and family to support you with prayers and financial contributions.

For Organizations
For Organizations

Streamline communications between outreach leaders, participants, and hosts. Set guidelines, deadlines, and all legal and safety requirements.

For Outreach Leaders
For Outreach Leaders

Save over 80 hours of administrative work. Keep all details in a single shared app. Immediately notify fellow leaders and participants of all meetings and updates.


You do not have to be a YWAMer to use the APP. No DTS is required. You just need to be a friend of YWAM.


Outreach templates for a quick start.

Landing Page

Host & Participant Landing Pages with Social Fundraising

Automated Emails

Automated Participant Follow Up Emails and Texts

References & Approvals

Automated References & Approval Emails


Host & Participants’ Login Dashboards to Track Details and Fundraising

Airline Bookings & Notifications

Group Travel Quotes, Booking, & Immediate Notifications from Airline if there are any changes.

Background Checks & Signatures

Electronic Signatures & Background Checks

Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts all at your finger tips

Online Courses

Integration with online courses when enrolled.