How We Get There

Pray, Join Others, Get Equipped, Go, Serve, Give

We have led thousands of people on missional learning experiences around the world. We can help you build your own outreach or join one already set up. We can help you find the project or person God may be leading you to pray for and support with your generosity. Let us know what you're looking for and we will help you take your next step on your journey to know God and make him known in every nation through every vocation.

Join Others on a Missions Journey

Missions is a team effort. Some pray, some go, some help, and some give. What part do you play in Christ's Mission. We invite you to start your missions journey by joining the Student Centre Network. There's a place for you and a story that will be shared in eternity as you join hands with others in Christ's Mission.


We can help you take the next step on your missions journey. Is God calling you to make disciples? We can help you do that on your college campus. Is God calling you to a life with in a strategic nation and vocation? We can help you create your own internship.

Your prayers and connections will help you launch your next step.


Whether it’s on campus discipleship or an off campus missional project, we help you step-by-step to become a witness for Christ in the public sphere. Invite friends and family to support your Mission. The Student Centre makes it easy, safe and secure. As you prepare spiritually, emotionally, and practically, stay connected with your community and leaders, especially through the help of a Mentor.


You may or may not need to travel far, but you will need to step out of your comfort zone. For those who do travel, we help make their journey safe. And we help introduce you to new people where you can make a difference in a community in ways that relate to your career and calling, your passion and purpose.

Complete a Personalized Missions Project! But not alone!

Converge Missional Internships are not just for Youth With A Mission. And you don't have to be called to be a missionary.

Converge internships are not just a mission trip because participants bring their field of studies and career choice with them to learn to make a difference in a sphere of influence. Hosts welcome interns to serve with their organization. Mentors coach and encourage interns to raise funds, travel safe, build relationships, and complete their project.

Converge prepares students to lead as a life-long witness in their sphere of influence, in a community, through their career, and in response to God’s calling on their life. Can you see how Converge Interns are part of a team? I encourage you to pray for students in your community, on your campus, and at your church. You can introduce them to Converge.

Converge is “next level” outreach and leadership training for anyone serious about Christ’s mission to bring “faithful obedience among the nations” (Rom. 1:5).