Converge Internships

The Next Wave of Missions will go to Every Nation AND Every Vocation

Converge is YWAM sponsored internships. Whether you are an individual student or a leader with an organization seeking interns, we can help you create an internship program that fits your needs. Converge Missional Internships is a core program of YWAM Student Centre. It is an online course and a mentorship with step-by-step instructions to show students how to prepare, raise funds, assess the needs in a community, and complete a personalized missions project. Let's GO!


Converge Missional Internships are not just for students. To make Converge work involves a team of people with missional passion.

You can be a Host, a Mentor, a YWAM Coordinator, or a Student Intern. When you register, let us know which of these roles best fits for you.

About Coordinators
If you are a YWAM Staff (or former YWAMer ) with outreach leadership experience and a passion to to make a difference, we invite you to take the 60-day course to become a certified internship coordinator. You will gain a thorough understanding of Converge internships so that you can mobilize students and connect them with organizations and ministries that help serve the people or community where God has called you.

You may be an artist, an educator, a business leader, a church planter, a community development leader, or a medical missionary. Converge can help you place interns to make a difference in your sphere.

"Trabajamos en el área de entrenamiento y discipulado, haciendo parte del círculos de ancianos de juventud Con Una Misión Medellin no sólo entrenando las nuevas generaciones sino también comisionandoles a servir a Dios en diferentes lugares y diferentes esferas de la sociedad."
- Alvaro Quiceno

“My passions are to help people discover their identity and destiny then act on it. I love to take Action and make things happen. I love Adventure and Including others along the way, or better yet to Activate them into going on their own adventure and pursue their passions or dreams God has put within them.”

-Brook Roberts



“To glorify the Father as a kingdom ambassador in any culture, strategically communicating the loving truth of Jesus that brings the enslaved, and unreached, into freedom.

To see the body of Christ rise in effectiveness by coordinating internships that connect its members to their God-given mission.”

-Ma Alejandra Fajardo


“Mi pasión es ayudar a las personas a descubrir quienes son, acompañando el proceso de transformación de pensamientos mediante la enseñanza de la verdad, resumido en lo que es cosmovisión bíblica. A corto plazo, espero terminar mis estudios profesionales y encontrar la forma de alinear el propósito de Dios con lo que estoy aprendiendo.”

-Karen Lizeth Herrera Gudiño

"God stirred in my heart a passion for walking with these young men and women, helping them grow in their knowledge and understanding of Him as they studied in University. We have now started a new location of YWAM back at my alma-mater and want to help students connect the dots between their fields of study and their relationship with God."
- Chelsea Burks
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